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Smart village Digital farm

Experimental fields


Smart village Digital farm

The digital farm will be owned by the Smart Village cooperative and will be used for agricultural production. On the other hand, it is a demonstration good – an educational tool where researchers from public universities, institutes, students of agricultural schools from the Republic of Srpska, students of agricultural faculties, but also farmers themselves learn about the implementation of modern technologies. In addition to its physical part, the Digital Farm will have its own virtual part as part of the smart village platform.


Digital farm Smart village Knežica – Main Organisational Units

  • Field Crops Experimental Block

    The concept of pilot field crop production within the Digital Farm will aim to present new cultivation technologies as well as IT solutions that will improve existing agro-technical measures.

  • Vegetables Experimental Block

    Vegetable production will be designed to promote different types of cultivation indoors and outdoors with an emphasis on the development of IT solutions for collecting as much data as possible and the development of software solutions for their analysis to automate certain agro-technical measures.

  • Fruits and Vines
    Experimental Block

    The basic tasks of the Fruit Experimental Block will be to test new Growing Systems, new species / varieties in local conditions and new practices, supported by comprehensive ICT inclusion into experimental process.

  • Animal Husbandry Experimental Block

    In addition to crop production, animal husbandry is also widespread agricultural production in the region of Podkozarje with dairy and sheep husbandry as the leading branches in production.

  • Kids Garden Experimental Block

    Part of the experimental fields intended exclusively for children. Designed to have educational and recreational character, it would consist of a composition of smaller plots, raised beds and cold frames.

Smart Village Knežica is located in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska entity, Prijedor region, municipality Kozarska Dubica.