Business model development for Agriculture Digital Innovation Hub
Smart village

Eco system


Multifunctional space for ecosystem development, technology and business

Smart village Knežica DIH is a centralized space that helps, agricultural producers from the region of Prijedor in Republic of Srpska, in a broader sense to become more competitive in terms of their business / production processes, products or services using digital technologies. The model is based on technological infrastructure (demonstration goods / digital farm, food hub, fab lab, multimedia studio, conference and workshop room, coworking and coliving space) and provides access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology to support users in piloting, testing and experimenting with digital innovation.

Multifunctional space for ecosystem development, technology and business

  • Hall for conferences, workshops, seminars and education

    TThe space is formed so that it can be easily modified for various types of events of interest to the established ecosystem.

  • Fab lab

    Smart village Fab Labs is designed to provide ecosystem representatives with industrial digital tools for prototyping innovative ideas.

  • Coworking

    Smart village coworking will be open to all IT companies, traveling nomads, diaspora representatives and other stakeholders to import and use Fab lab resources, digital farm demonstration goods to develop and test their products.

  • Multimedia studio

    The work of this part of Smart village services is based on the internal team, but also on establishing a stronger connection with creative teams from the Republic of Srpska.

  • Co-Living Space

    Space for researchers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads

Smart Village Knežica is located in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska entity, Prijedor region, municipality Kozarska Dubica.