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Project DFTB after-movie

This after-movie is part of the project „Supporting Agri-food communities and networks in SEE through developing services on digital food quality and traceability using blockchain”, co-financed by H2020 SmartAgriHubs project.

The video presents:

📣 SmartAgriHubs project
📣 Smart Village business model and cooperation with the SmartAgriHubs project
📣 The DFTB project and its results in Bosnia and Herzegovina



The Project “Supporting Agri food communities and networks in SEE through developing services on digital food quality and traceability using blockchain – DFTB” increased participation of DIHs in South East Europe Region in digital transformation of Agri-food sector with focus on food traceability using blockchain. Project focuses on supporting services that can significantly improve entrepreneurial business with the help of digitalization using blockchain technology creating transparent supply chain from farm to fork as well as enable customer to know history of the specific package or piece of food they are buying. Project focus is on food processors, customers, regulators, local government officials, and consumer protection association representatives. As a result of the Project, participating DIHs are able to offer range of new digital services: Scouting and ecosystem analysis, Technology Road Map, Proof of concept, Workshops and seminars, Lab facilities, Support for innovative business models.



Consortium of four Digital Innovation Hubs in South East Europe partnering with one Competence Centre and one blockchain IT company, is geographically dispersed but reaches wider range of stakeholders throughout the Region.

Consortium Partners are:



SmartAgriHubs is a project funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 funding instrument that brings together a consortium of over 164 partners in the European agri-food sector. SmartAgriHub aims to digitize European agriculture by promoting an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability, and success. The SmartAgriHubs project serves as a catalyst for innovation in smart farming. By embracing and promoting European innovation in agriculture and IT, SmartAgriHubs is expanding digital solutions in the agri-food sector and helping farmers and their businesses achieve actual and achievable results.


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