The work will be realised as part of the project “European Union Support to Covid-19 Recovery and Resilience of Agriculture and Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina: EU4AGRI-Recovery”

The work will be realised on a plot of 1 ha in Knežici. The land is located in the area of Kozarska Dubica and is owned by the Smart Village Knežica Cooperative.

The performance of the work will encompass the following tasks:

A) Preparation of the land before planting 1 ha of vineyard
B) Purchase and planting/construction on 1 ha of land


Project EU4AGRI-Recovery

European Union Support to Covid-19 Recovery and Resilience of Agriculture and Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EU4AGRI-Recovery) is a 2.5-year initiative (2021-2023) that aims to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in mitigating the economic effects generated by the COVID-19 pandemic unto the agri-food businesses and rural tourism operators and ensuring their business continuity.

The EU4AGRI Recovery project, valued at EUR 5 million, is funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Czech Development Agency (CzDA). Project is complementary to EU4AGRI project (2020-2024).

It is expected that the project will lead to the retention of 400 jobs, creation of 100 green jobs (at least 50 for women and youth), 20 innovative and green start-ups supported as well as increased knowledge and skills for the long-term resilience and sustainability in the sector.

The project’s contribution to the mitigation of COVID-19 pandemic is expected through following results:

  • Ensured continuation of business activities of agri-food and rural tourism operators affected by the COVID-19 crisis;
  • Improved product and business innovation and reorganization of value chains to maintain functioning, increase competitiveness and strengthen resilience and sustainability of agri-food and rural tourism operators; and
  • Supported the development of start-ups in the agri-food sector and rural development.

Project EU4AGRI-Recovery is fully aligned with the Strategic Plan for Rural Development of BIH (2018-2021) – Framework Document, designed to guide the development of BIH agriculture and rural development sector, as well as with the BIH Economic Reform Programme (2019-2021).

Project EU4AGRI-Recovery contributes to Sustainable Development Goals that work to, amongst other, end hunger and achieve food security, promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for all and reduce inequality within and among countries.